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If you're newly diagnosed with IC

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

If a Urologist recently gave you an Interstitial Cystitis, (IC) diagnosis for your painful bladder and told you that there is no cure this can be devastating. This happened to me almost 5 years ago now.

You're probably feeling a slew of other emotions like anger, sadness, grief, confusion, and are overwhelmed. A sense of relief may come if you've had symptoms for a long time because you now have a name to attach with your pain. I had bladder pain and infections off and on starting as young as 10 years old. It wasn't until my early 50's that Interstitial Cystitis was ever mentioned.

Please know the way you feel at this particular moment symptoms such as burning, urgency, frequency, feeling kicked in the bladder, or fatigue symptoms will and can improve and disappear.

It's possible to live a full and active life with Interstitial Cystitis. And... best news of all, it is possible to heal and forget you were ever given a diagnosis of IC. I'm living proof.

It takes effort, focus and perseverance with each step on your personal healing journey. It may sometimes feel like you took 3 steps forward, then suddenly you are two steps backward.

If you do your part, your body wants to heal. God designed your body this way.

It's easier if you take one day at a time. Make one change at a time. If you relapse and eat, drink, or do something you know bothers your body, please don't forget to show yourself kindness and forgive yourself. You can make better choices the very next day.

I know how badly you want to feel better right now, this very minute. I'm sorry you're in such pain. I completely understand. I have been there.

Your journey will be different than anyone else. What works for one person, may be like poison to your body. Your job is to figure out what works for you and not compare to others.

It's important to pay attention to what you're feeding your body, what you're saying to yourself, and extra self care, like sleep. If you exercise you may need to lighten your impact.

Shifting your mindset is very important. If you're feeling down or hopeless please reach out to a friend, or me. I have several posts on mindset that can help you. You need to believe you can heal. If you don't believe, your body will struggle to follow along.

Following your doctors order is important, however I encourage you to do your own research. I didn't always agree with my doctors protocol, especially after studying holistic approach. If I did, I would still be taking many prescriptions and dealing with negative side effects from them.

We are the best experts on our bodies. Listen to your body.

I haven't taken any meds or supplements for my bladder in over 4 years. I used D-Mannose a few times, mostly if traveling or away on a romantic weekend to prevent infection risk after intercourse.

It's my passion to help others who struggle with trying to figure out what to eat to heal their bladder, mapping out the interconnections I've been trained in functional medicine school to see and educating my clients how to make positive lifestyle changes.

The standard IC diet is unhealthy and contains inflammatory foods. I teach how to make healthier swaps for nutrient rich, anti-inflammatory foods without feeling deprived.

Health goes beyond your plate. I also provide support with your lifestyle habits and suggest holistic techniques to help you feel your best inside and out.

I guide my clients step by step as they move forward to remission.

Believe it's possible to heal and you're already halfway there.

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Happy Health!


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