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Top Inflammatory foods for IC & your Gut

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

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If you're currently experiencing gas, bloat, cramps, constipation, and bladder pain after eating, then you're searching for answers. You're ready to end your misery once and for all. I know I have been there.

Why is it important to identify what foods might be bothering you? Stopping the inflammatory cycle and addressing the root causes is the only way to get complete resolution of symptoms. A functional medicine approach involves looking at the interconnection between systems as well as the function and dysfunction.

Where there's inflammation there will be warning signs from your body along with the dysfunction. If you're experiencing burning and frequency after eating foods then zooming in and considering only the bladder will not find the contributing factors. Look at the whole body. Same with the gut, what is leading to your gas, bloat and distress after eating.

Let's look at the Top Inflammatory food list -