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Client Success Stories   

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For years I was tired, and I wrote off my increasing GI issues to the massive amounts of stress I was dealing with. Once those outside stressors eased and my physical issues persisted, I knew something was wrong. The GP that I saw for my yearly checkups listened to my concerns, but only offered some tests and a couple of vague lifestyle recommendations. I knew I needed more help than what I was getting in the typical medical setting.

I was lucky enough to find Julie, and she walked with me through each symptom, worked through the necessary steps to identify the root cause, and coached me through how to address those issues My GI issues have disappeared, I have energy every day, was able to lose weight, and I feel equipped to continue to improve and maintain my health. I was so encouraged by the changes I saw that asked Julie to work with my teenage daughter, who has also experienced massive positive changes in her own life and health. If you're looking for someone who can give you the personalized coaching you need to help you tackle your nagging issues, I 100% recommend booking time with Julie - it will change your life!


Mollie Durbin

It didn't take me long to realize Julie was a compassionate and knowledgeable coach who was going to help me!  In our first meeting she was able to begin identifying some of the issues that had kept me befuddled for what seemed like ages.  Diet changes and testing confirmed these things and with targeted supplementation and lifestyle changes I was able to drastically improve my health.  Within a few weeks I felt stronger, slept better, and had better periods.  Within a few months, my constipation ended, I was in less joint pain, and had fewer hormone issues like hot flashes, acne, and cysts!  I saw improvements in many areas where I was struggling.  If you're overwhelmed or struggling to identify the cause of your health problems, and want positive encouraging coach whose easy to communicate with, I would recommend Julie. 

Rachel Sellers

Anniston, Alabama 

I have been a nurse for 30 years and I have learned more about H pylori and gut health in the past 7 months working with Julie than in my medical career or from my own doctor.  From the beginning,  I was in control.  Julie gives you information. She also gives you resources to educate yourself.  You can chose your level of investment in the endeavor to wellbeing.  And, I was all in.  Julie's health history questionaire was truly comprehensive. During our meeting she explained everything and gave me time to ask questions.  The platform she uses to communicate is top notch and the links, reading material, videos, and supplements are varied.  She's not plugged into a particular brand or company.  She recommends what's best for your specific needs.  Doctors have their place in wellness but what Julie has helped me achieve has been empowering.  Because I did it, with her help support, guidance and encouragement.  If you're reading this call Julie.  You will not regret it. 

Dawn Squibb  

Lawrenceville, Georgia 

Julie's insight into nutrition and functional medicine, coupled with her genuine passion to help people who suffering to help people who are suffering to heal and her compassion, truly makes her a remarkable health coach.  I've been suffering from at least 15 years of gut issues, 10 years of insomnia and 5 years compounded with interstitial cystitis.  I went to her saying that I'd like to tackle these 3 issues thinking we'd make slow but steady improvements along the way.  After all, the body needs time and that's only realistic.  Imagine my surprise when in 2 short months my insomnia was gone!  I now sleep better than ever.  I go to bed before me reminder alarm goes off. I wake up rested.  My gut and bladder are gradually on the mend. The results are amazing give the short amount of time we've worked together!  Julie not only looks at diet and lifestyle but also talks about mindset and anything you're struggling with. She also strongly believes in educating her clients, something that resonated with me as well; it's important to teach a man how to fish and she does exactly that.  This is so crucial because it sets you up for the long run!  Julie was also there all the time with a smile, always willing to help answer any questions I had along the way. I can't think of anyone better to help you along on our journey of healing.  P.S. My period came and it arrived drama free, imagine that, for the first time in so many years I cant 't recall and I've close to zero pain! No lower back pains, no lying in bed.  I went about my day as normal.  Slight discomfort only.  It's amazing!  

Deb Choo



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Sarah B
North Carolina 

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Hi Julie, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me over these last few months regarding some of my health issues.  I gained a ton of knowledge in how to improve my health and overall wellbeing!  I learned how to reduced my stress and anxiety, which has always been a huge problem for me.  I am also sleeping better, I've lowered my fasting insulin, my triglycerides, and I've learned to eat better!  I am so thankful that I did not have to go through this journey alone!  You were a God-sent and I can't thank you enough! Blessings,



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"Julie is an amazing person and professional I’ve been working with her for 3 months now and I can’t even say how much she helped me.

I was feeling awful and sick I was so desperate and lost and I can truly say that these 3 months are the beginning of a new healthy life and now I believe that I will be on remission very soon.

I’ve been suffering from IC and stomach issues and with her protocol And her dedication I have my life back and the most important thing to me is that I don’t feel the weight of my recovery in my shoulders because she is guiding me at every step and this is a peace of mind!

She is the best she can understand your journey very well because she experienced the same issues with IC and gut health! I recommend Julie 200% Thanks Julie!" 



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Julie is a wealth of knowledge and truly cares about her clients. She takes time to explain things in detail and provide the guidance you need to get well. It has always been comforting and inspiring to know that she has been where I’ve been and has healed herself —I really trust her guidance. 



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I have been working with Julie for the last few months, and she’s an exceptional functional health coach. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition, supplements, and protocols following lab results, and expected results with nutrition. She’s personable, friendly, incredibly kind, and truly cares about her clients’ well-being, emotional and physical. In fact, her recommendation of writing down three things I’m thankful for each day puts a pep in my step. I love working with Julie, and always look forward to engaging her services! 



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"Before working with Julie I didn't know which foods to eat to support my SIBO and leaky gut.  After only one month I'm 95% confident how to implement the right foods and which to eliminate. I also learned the importance of how/when to eat and how to relax to heal my SIBO & leaky gut.   Julie was a pleasure to work with, always cheerful and encouraging and quick to respond to my emails.  I was given so many helpful resources, recipes, and tips to implement. I absolutely recommend working with Julie". 

Nicole E. 

New York

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I found the 3 month wellness program and the sugar cleanse program both extremely organized.  Thank you Julie for your time and energy!  It’s helped me stay on track with my weight loss goals!  I highly recommend Julie's program"



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