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#1 Tip Living with Pain & Illness

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

I'm no stranger to living in chronic pain or with multiple health conditions.

In 2007 I fell down 17 stairs while carrying a heavy object, went airborne, jerked back and landed. It caused a chain of conditions with years of medical professionals, surgery, injections, opiates, and various therapies.

I recently learned after an exercise class that led me to pursue medical treatment that I had lived with a misdiagnosis for over 10 years!

I was given a label and told there was no cure that I could never sit again without pain. I could be bitter and resentful after learning all along I could have been better. The quality of my life and path could have been completely different. Instead, I learned many lessons about others, myself and my inner strength and courage. I did the best I could in my given situation. The lessons wouldn't have come without the pain and struggles.

What is the most important tip I can share with you while you're living in pain with no relief. Make peace with your pain. That means stop fighting and resisting where you are.

You may think this sounds lame. If you stop frantically searching for answers and solutions your body can stop being stressed, tense and full of anxiety. Because when you're not at peace with your symptoms and the impact they have on your life then you're living in a chronic state of stress, anxiety and fear.

Your inability to enjoy life will crossover to every area of your life. And, if you're a parent it will affect your ability to parent your child.

How do you decide to make peace with your pain? You decide to let go emotionally. It's nothing magical. It's a decision. You stop trying to change or fix everything. You decide to accept where you are. Make friends with your pain.

In church I recently heard this - YOU do what you can. And, give GOD what you can't do. This is easier said then done, I know.

Will your pain instantly go away when you decide to let go? No. But what does happen is you allow life to be just as it is right now. Consider the possibility that your symptoms might be trying to help you. Maybe they are a blessing. Symptoms are a warning sign from your body. When you listen to them you mostly likely try to rest more and make necessary changes toward getting better.

When you surrender emotionally, let go of the resistance and accept where you are at with pain in this very moment, it will allow your body to heal.

Do you need to stop missing out because of struggling against where you are. Stop listening to the doctors or your thoughts believing that your life is over. Stop believing that you will never be able to enjoy life again.

Instead believe your body can heal. Relax your nervous system. Start to feel better emotionally before you can feel better physically. Get out of your struggle that's holding you back from your healing.

Move into a forward cycle of peace, relief, relaxation and joy.

Making peace with my body helped me -

  • Put myself first.

  • Decide to do what I can and give it my best.

  • Create healthy boundaries.

  • Learn to say no to the things that didn't matter.

  • Learn to not care that everyone is not going to understand what I'm going thru, that's ok. I do and that's what matters.

  • Learn new hobbies and ways to enjoy my life.

  • Letting go of the past and things I can no longer do.

What will letting go of your resistance free up and allow you to do in life? Please leave comments or private message me if you'd like to talk after reading this. click HERE

Happy Health!


Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Inside Out Wellness with Julie


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