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Blue Zone people live to be 100yrs old!

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Ever heard of the "Blue Zones?" Dan Buettner wrote a book about them. He spoke in one of my school modules last week. And, I read his book last year, it's worth a read!

The people in the Blue Zone are known for their longevity. Living to 100. Less Disease. Happier. Healthier. Our average lifespan is around 79 now. And, most Americans have some form of disease that reduces their quality of life over 60.

80% lifestyle + 20% genes. We make daily choices that influence our quality of life now, and 20 years from now.

So, why do Blue Zone people live longer? Here are their practical lifestyle habits studied and noted the past decade.

*Family – put ahead of other concerns (grandparents live in the households, multi-generations)

*Life purpose

*Mostly plant based diets – the majority of food consumed is derived from plants. (no highly processed foods. Most of the foods are grown and sold in community markets)

*Constant moderate physical activity – (an example in Costa Rica, they walk 3-5 miles to and from work everyday).

*Social engagement – people of all ages are socially active and integrated into their communities. Sharing meals together often with family as well as friends.

*Reduced stress. They do have stress, the difference is they manage it. Strong social and family ties are a big help.

*Less smoking

*Moderate alcohol intake, especially wine.

*Engagement in spirituality or religion.

Blue Zone people inspire me. I want to play with my future grandkids and not just watch them.

What is one area that you would you like to change from this list?

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Happy Health!


Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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