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Inflammatory foods

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Do you experience symptoms after eating certain foods? I love red tomatoes but I have reduced my consumption to yellow or orange tomatoes both less acidic.

Inflammation is your body's white blood cells protecting you from infection. The main job of your immune system is to tolerate. When it begins to see certain foods as a threat, it triggers an inflammatory response. Repeated intake of inflammatory foods leads to disease and can eventually lead to an autoimmune disorder. If you're trying reduce your digestive upsets or bladder pain, then it's important to remove inflammatory foods.

During my bladder flares I would see blood in my urine, have constant pressure in my bladder and burning with urination. I was eating foods that were acidic, high sugar and trans fat, full of preservatives, gluten, soy, dairy, corn, drinking wine and using condiments and vinegar based salad dressings. I later learned that even the water I was drinking wasn't the right ph. So, it was no surprise that I felt sick.

It took time and intention but through eliminating the harmful ingredients I was starting to heal and feel better.

I learned how to make foods similar to my favorites to keep from feeling deprived. An elimination diet, takes time and the goal is not deprivation. Finding healthier swaps makes changes doable. Its possible to reintroduce foods later when your body has healed enough to handle them again.

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