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Food combining

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

meat & potatoes

We all want good digestion minus any gas or bloating after meals.

One way to help the digestive process along is through food combining. Most people, especially from Midwest think of certain foods should be paired together such as meat and potatoes.

Did you know that this very combination may be contributing to your digestive woes? Yes, for many but some can experience no problems.

Digestion requires juices and enzymes which can be alkaline or acidic.

Carbohydrate foods stimulate the secretion of enzymes made specifically to break down carbs. Salivary enzyme, amylase is produced in response to eating carbs. It’s an alkaline medium and is destroyed by a slightly acidic environment.

While protein foods require an enzyme specific to protein break down. This gastric enzyme is called pepsin. It’s active in an acid medium and is destroyed in an alkaline environment.

The body is unable to break down foods efficiently when a variety of foods are eaten together. Stomach upset can occur when you combine a protein with a starchy carbohydrate causing fermentation which leads to gas, bloat and pain.

Could this be behind some of your symptoms? One way to find out is by starting to pay attention to the kinds of food on your plate.

Here are a few charts that can help you learn which foods combine best together. It’s best to eat meat with vegetables. And, eating fruits alone with time in between.

Food combining can also help some lose weight. Years ago my husband and I both followed a dietary protocol which used food combining and we both felt our best ever.



Multi- factors need to be considered when exploring the dynamics behind your symptoms. Food combining is a helpful tool and can be useful if you're struggling with IBS or SIBO.

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