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Highly Contagious Hope

We all want HOPE. What do you hope for?

If you've been living with a chronic condition for a long time maybe years, it's easy to lose hope. You want and HOPE to feel better. You desire to resume the activities you love and miss doing. Or maybe you wish wellness for a loved one.

My favorite definition of hope comes straight from the Bible interlinked with faith. Heb 11:1 "Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see".

How can one remain hopeful when in constant pain? Maintaining hope isn't always easy. It requires frequent attitude adjustments & mindset shifts.

Instead of "Enduring" how about "EMBRACE" health challenges. Enduring is a passive decision. When you endure you have decided it's hard and unchanging.

Embrace means you decide to grow and learn. To not let your difficulty steal your life. For me, this required me to love my body despite its limitations. I embraced my limitations, the biggest was my inability to sit. I also had frequent bladder and digestive issues along with intense back and pelvic pain. I found jobs to work where I could mostly stand. I found fun things to do with my kids. I learned to trust and HOPE each day.

We cannot always control our situation but we can control our reaction to it. I truly believe the saying, Life is 10% what happens and 90% our response to it. We can make our problems bigger in our mind.

Hope grows when you ...

Are Kind to your body. Feed it the best food, hydrate with water, careful movement, and loving thoughts. A plant needs sun, water, and soil to grow. Same principle applies to your body. It requires certain nutrients, vitamins, and care. Without them your body won't be able to heal.

Rid limiting beliefs such as - I hate my body. My body is broken. I will never get better. Why doesn't anyone understand. It's not fair. These thoughts will not serve your body well. If you focus on negative things you will become a negative person.

Love what you CAN do. Find the positive daily. Each day be grateful for 3 things that happened recording them in a journal. If you're having a bad day, grab your journal and remind yourself of all your blessings. This should fill you with faith, hope and strength.

Create POWER thoughts -

  • I hope can become I know.