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How I achieved IC remission

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

I'm often asked "What did I do to put IC in remission?" My answer is always the same. It wasn't one thing. I had bladder issues for 4 decades. It was the accumulation of environmental factors, crap foods, stress and gut disturbances that contributed to my bodies attack on my bladder. It took close to a year to undo 40+ years of bodily damage. Living healthy is an ongoing process. I continue to make health promoting decisions daily.

I've been symptom free from IC for 4 years now. If I were to return to my old habits regularly, there's no doubt in my mind that I would have bladder issues again. Yes, I'm able to drink a glass of wine and enjoy tomatoes, salad dressings, and sugar now. However, these are not habits I want to repeat.

My list of bladder offenders was long. Years of antibiotics, an avid wine consumer, anti-histamines and ibuprofen eater (ate like candy daily) sugar addict, potato chip lover, poor stress manager, type A personality, IBS struggles, seasonal allergies and the stress from raising a special needs child. Add in the hundreds of chemical exposures from toxic products, chemicals, and makeup.

Your childhood experiences, food preferences, sleeping and lifestyle habits, your toxin exposures are unique to you. Your story won't be like mine. You healing process will be different. I can shorten your journey and guide you step-by-step.

Please use my story as a checklist of things to consider.

Action step - Make a health timeline. What got you to this point, feeling sick? Write out events in your life and see if you can associate a decline in health with specific events.

1. HEALTHY MINDSET - How you think, talk to yourself and what you believe matters to your body. It took me time to rewire and retrain my thinking after years of Doctors telling me I would never get better. I worked thru some past childhood experiences and emotions. You may need professional counseling or an emotion coder. I benefitted from both.

Believe your body is designed to heal and you will after you address the root causes.

2. OPTIMAL NUTRITION - Do you know what a healthy plate is? Most people aren't taught how to properly fuel their body. Are you afraid to eat because it causes pain? Restricting food groups leads to malnutrition. Also, you can be eating healthy and yet not absorbing your nutrients. I was malnourished and had malabsorption issues.

Your gut bacteria depends on nutrients from the foods you eat. I educate my clients on specific nutrients needed to run body functions and what foods they can be found in. I make sure you have proper digestion. Both are key to optimal health.

3. BALANCED LIFESTYLE - My lifestyle habits weren't good. Things to consider and ask yourself when it comes to living healthy are -

Are you hydrated? Can’t fall or stay asleep? Constantly stressed? Eating on-the-run? Do you think your body can stay healthy or get well with these habits? How you eat and when you eat matters. Keeping your body in circadian rhythm is important.

4. PROPER STRESS MANAGEMENT- I lived a big part of my life feeling stressed. If you're feeling stressed, so is your body. How do you perceive stress in your life? If you're chronically stressed and living in a state of “flight or fight” you're living in a sympathetic state. Your body thinks it's in survival mode. Your body needs to be in a state of "rest and repair" the parasympathetic state. Your bladder won't be able to heal if you're living in chronic stress. Your digestion will be impaired, your gut microbes will get imbalanced, inflammation, insulin levels and sugar cravings will all increase. I teach natural ways to reset your nervous system and improve stress.

5. BALANCED SYSTEMS - Do you have multiple health co-conditions? When the immune system is dysregulated it recognizes food and everyday environmental things as a threat. Inflammation becomes systematic your body is in dis-ease. When you have one autoimmune related condition your chances of another increases. I had multiple auto immune related dynamics going on. All in remission.

6. OTHER AREAS to EXPLORE - Nutrient balances, detoxification, blood sugar regulation , adequate mineral levels, thyroid function, adrenal and sex hormones. I start with the basic foundations of health with all my clients.

I encourage going to your doctor and getting a CBC if it's been awhile Your insurance should pay for it under a wellness check visit. I'm able to educate you on what dynamics are at play. A lot of digestive and nutrient information can be found on standard labs if you know what to look for.

It's important to stop guessing and get data through testing. I've personally had 6 different functional medicine tests and will get a GI Map yearly because our microbiome is ever changing.

I'm able to offer a DNA comprehensive stool test called a GI Map to each client. The interpretation of results is included in a monthly coaching package, however the stool test cost is extra.

These are the areas to explore. Most will require help from a functional medicine coach.

I will have client openings in the next month. If you're ready to get help finding your root causes go ahead and book your free 20 minute consultation to get on my client wait list.

We dump your puzzle pieces out and put your health puzzle back together healthier INSIDE OUT.

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