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Gut Rescue Tips

If you’ve already been dealing with indigestion, gas, bloat and cramps the holidays may have added insult to your woes.

Emotions and food choices can create a perfect storm for your already sensitive guts.

1. Being around your family stirs and creates emotions that make you uncomfortable. The gut and brain are interconnected via the enteric nervous system. When the brain senses a reason to be stressed or in fear, you might feel it in your gut (butterflies, diarrhea) as well as the rest of your body.

What can you do to help -

· Take care of yourself.

· Remember all the self-healing you’ve been doing, revert to it.

· Inhale, Hold, Exhale. Deep breathing can reset your nervous system and calm it down.

· Set healthy boundaries – avoiding engagement in conversations that are triggering or emotionally draining for you.

· Honor yourself. Remember you are not responsible for the emotional reactions of others.

· Pause and try to not react.

· Go for a walk if needed and remove yourself from an uncomfortable conversation.

I learned to use holistic techniques such as deep breathing and journaling affirmations both are very powerful and also practicing negativity avoidance. I promise if you apply some of the tips above you’re gut will love you for it. Another reason your tummy may be hurting is -

2. Overindulging. One day isn’t going to blow an entire diet or protocol if you get back on track the next day. However, overindulging in one particular food group, usually carbs (fodmaps-fermentable carbs) will lead to pain if you’re experiencing any gut bacterial infections or overgrowths.

Holiday traditional recipes like creamy green bean or potato casserole, squash or butternut soups or casseroles, are all high in Fodmaps, not to mention preservatives, additives and sugars. Add in yeasty rolls and sugar laden pies, all feed bacteria and creates worse gas, bloat, and other symptoms.

You could also be reacting to gluten and the holiday overindulgence could have sent your body over the edge. I developed gluten intolerance after I was already in IC remission and had been eating clean for a couple of years. It can happen to anyone.

To avoid stress on your gut and unwanted attention at the family dinner table –

· Plan ahead for success. Research or discuss with your health coach (maybe that’s me) what foods would be best for your unique body.

· Volunteer to bring a non-starchy vegetable dish. Organic green beans (without the onions/cream of mushroom soup)

· Make a green salad and add already cooked red peppers, carrots, celery, almond slices (pre-soaked even better to reduce phytates which are plant toxins) avoiding too many raw veggies will be easier for digestion.

· Practice saying no thank you, without having to provide an explanation of why you aren’t eating the normal sides or amount your family is used to seeing from you.

After your holiday - tips for rapid relief -

· Fennel seeds, peppermint tea or Gaia “Gas & Bloating” supplement all naturally help relief gas and bloating symptoms.

· Drink lots of water. Add lemon to your water because it helps eliminate toxins unless you’re at the beginning of IC battle and bladder is to reactive.

· Eliminate high Fodmap foods - get the Monash appl on your phone for a handy reference list

· Avoid sugar which adds to inflammation.

· Aim for whole natural foods avoiding boxed, fast food, heat-me-eat me type processed foods.

· Fill your plate with non-starchy veggies, salads and grass fed or antibiotic/hormone free meats

· Go meatless for a few days

· Take activated charcoal

· Take Magnesium Citrate

If you'd like one-on-one coaching support schedule your 20 minute consultation. HERE

Happy Health,



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