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Gut Rescue Tips

If you’ve already been dealing with indigestion, gas, bloat and cramps the holidays may have added insult to your woes.

Emotions and food choices can create a perfect storm for your already sensitive guts.

1. Being around your family stirs and creates emotions that make you uncomfortable. The gut and brain are interconnected via the enteric nervous system. When the brain senses a reason to be stressed or in fear, you might feel it in your gut (butterflies, diarrhea) as well as the rest of your body.

What can you do to help -

· Take care of yourself.

· Remember all the self-healing you’ve been doing, revert to it.

· Inhale, Hold, Exhale. Deep breathing can reset your nervous system and calm it down.

· Set healthy boundaries – avoiding engagement in conversations that are triggering or emotionally draining for you.