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Setting personal health goals

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

One of the most important investments you can make is deciding to improve your health. That could mean changing or doing many different things. Your health is about more than just how you physically feel. It's how you move, what you eat, your sleep, management of daily stress, even what you say and how you think. Our mind, body and spirit are all connected and impact good health.

How are you going to reach your goals?

As a health coach one of my roles is to get you results and help you reach your goals. Together we co-create a strategy plan that leads to your transformation.

It's necessary to be specific when goal setting. Just saying you want to lose weight isn't enough. If you have a lot to lose it could be overwhelming or confusing which can prevent you from taking action. An example of being specific would be - I will lose one pound a week for 4 weeks with a total of 4 lbs. this month. And, say how you will lose the pound, being very specific about the action necessary.

Have a goal that is measurable. If you want to increase physical activity, have a measurable number, I will make time to exercise for 30 minutes each day. Place a check mark after each exercise session to measure how far you've come. It feels good to check off an accomplishment. Each achievement creates confidence and encourages bigger measures.

Is your goal attainable? Setting an action step that is achievable for you will lead to successful results. You need to push yourself a little, but not to the point where you can't stick with something. Be realistic about what you can do.

When a goal is important and relevant to you, its then you will commit fully because its a priority.

When goal setting have a time table in mind. An example is - In 3 months by the end of August, I will reach my ideal weight by exercising, eating right, and being held accountable each week. Having an end date sets the outcome.

Whether you want to improve your sleep, shift your mindset about food, or eliminate a particular food that is causing you unpleasant symptoms know that hiring a health coach makes it quicker and easier to reach your health goals.

I offer you a FREE 20 minute health consultation to discuss your health concerns. HERE

Happy Health!


Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Inside Out Wellness with Julie


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