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Are you feeling stuck?

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

When it comes to making diet or lifestyle changes sometimes we can feel stuck. Think about it for a minute, is there an area where you feel stuck? You aren't moving forward, nor backwards, you are staying the same. If there is an area you would like to see different, than you may feel frustrated or discouraged. Scale won't budge. Are you struggling with consistency in workouts? Maybe your motivation to change left long ago.

Whatever it is, you may need to partner with a health coach to find the support, tools, and the inspiration needed to change.

Our current lifestyle is maintained by habits, comfort and fears. These three areas can also lead to feeling stuck.

The power of our habits is a powerful force. Some of our habits are second nature and they're long standing and deeply ingrained. Our own sheer will and determination is not enough sometimes to change our current lifestyle.

We have a need for our comforts. Is the couch a lure for you? Is a certain food your comfort? If you're relying on food as a constant source of comfort, before long you may notice the unwanted pounds or inches on your body. Together we will discuss your comforts and determine which are holding you back.

Do you fear change? Does the thought of making lasting lifestyle changes bring fear? What are you afraid of letting go of? Are you hanging onto the fear of previous failed attempts to change ? Is fear keeping you stuck, preventing you from moving forward? Maybe you fear success?