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10 ways to create healthier habits

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Some of the choices we make come out of habit. You're used to buying the same thing each week at the grocery store. Or you choose the same few places to eat. Without even thinking about it, you fall into patterns.

Create new healthy habits -

1. No time or desire to cook - join a meal delivery service.

2. Make it harder to reach for the high calorie or sugary foods by eliminating them from the house.

3. Planning your meals ahead. A few hours prep, a shopping trip, and deciding in advance will keep you on track.

4. Keep vegetables chopped up and center in the refrigerator at eye level.

5. Only grocery shop with a list and stay around the perimeters of the store.

6. Make up freezer bags with the necessary ingredients to make smoothies.

7. Soak your whole grains like brown rice and quinoa the night before and cook the next day.