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My IC diagnosis

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

If you've ever been at a doctor's appointment and given a diagnosis and handed a sheet of paper containing a list of foods to avoid, then you get that it feels like a death sentence at the moment. It's overwhelming.

Why this condition and why me? What will I eat now? My life is about to change.

Social events start coming to mind. You ask yourself, "How can I keep friends, they all like to drink?" or you tell yourself my friends will stop inviting me. My social life is over. What about birthday celebrations and holidays with the family? So many thoughts ...

I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis in 2015 after 4 decades of bladder issues. It started weeks earlier with another bladder infection. I took antibiotics and got better but... then I was sick again not too long after that. I was peeing blood and had severe bladder pain but... I had no detectable infection. This was a first.

I was emotionally weary and overwhelmed at the time in my life. I was also living with chronic pain from a damaged disc (at the time I thought it was pudendal nerve). It was painful to sit and now I was peeing multiple times an hour. I still had stomach and allergy issues. I was given instillations and a bunch of medications.

After time I decided to take matters into my own hands after being on horrible meds that caused side effects I didn't like. The good news is after 6 months of daily research and experimenting with cutting out foods I began to feel improvements. I then begin a deep dive into nutrition and enrolled in school at the School of Integrated Nutrition where I received a certification in nutrition after a year of studies.

I continued to improve my diet and experimented with eating more vegetables. But, I would get gas, bloat and pain after eating. Some days I looked pregnant. I switched to a low fodmap diet and this helped some. However, I still had symptoms so I took a SIBO breath test that I had learned while in IIN. I tested positive for SIBO. This was one root cause behind my IBS symptoms. It wasn't until later I learned my gut issues were part of my bladder issues too.

I wanted to learn more so I enrolled in school again to study functional medicine. I was determined to find the root cause behind all my health issues. I pursued allergy tests through an Immunologist and learned I had a true casein allergy this helped explain more of my health puzzle and often mysterious hives. No Allergist had ever connected my gut to my skin and allergy symptoms. In school I was learning the connection with allergies, gut health and bladder health at the time.

Using a functional medicine test (GI Map) I discovered a gluten sensitivity at that time. I also took the 23 and me genetic test and learned I had the Celiac gene. On my GI map I tested positive for many bacterias some that raise histamine levels in the body.

I begin to heal my gut and reduced inflammation in my body. Decades of allergy and histamine related problems (told I had Mast Cell Activation Syndrome) went away. I was no longer reacting to everything.

It took me 2 years of changes and learning what to do to heal all my conditions. It takes time to heal and make lifestyle changes.

I share this personal and emotional side of my journey for all of you out there who live with a health condition. I hear you. I understand your isolation, struggles, challenges, and I want to help you. Please be patient and know that with the right tools and help you can get better.

It doesn't have to take you as long if you work with a coach like me, expect at least 6 months to really feel better though. A lot of my clients get rapid relief the first month or two and continue to see improvements.

I would love to talk to you more in depth, please reach out to me. click HERE

Happy Health!


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