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How the simple act of breathing can help your digestion

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Deep Breathing

I struggled with managing my stress properly and chronic digestive problems for decades.

In 2015 I reached a turning point and got severely ill and finally became aware that my poor food and lifestyle choices were contributing to my painful symptoms.

In an attempt to reduce my stress I enrolled in a tai chi class which was also great for my balance, memory, and mindful movement. Tai chi centers you and helps calm your body. I learned how to relax and slow down my breathing. Both made a huge difference and lowered my stress and improved my overall health.

I also discovered a new love for yoga and pilates. I was a runner for years and never considered yoga and pilates because I thought they wouldn't benefit my body much. I was surprised when I learned how much strength it takes to master the moves and how strong yoga and pilates can make you.

Deep breathing helps improve digestion and -

*Allows your body to create more energy, leading to less exhaustion

*Easier elimination of waste products and toxins, so that your metabolism can work more efficiently

*Better, more restful sleep

*Improved muscles, joints, and circulation of oxygen to all of your body

*Balanced and stable blood sugars levels

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Happy Health!


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