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Inside Out Wellness 

(1 month plan for anyone working with a Naturopath/Integrative 

Please know that it takes time to work through health issues.  This plan is an introductory plan for you to experience health coaching.  If you're already working with a doctor or naturopath and you're looking for specific support with nutrition or a lifestyle change this 4-week plan may be right for you. 

If you're goal is to put a chronic condition into remission, the 3 month program is better suited for you. 

You'll receive tangible steps and a clear action plan to work through with guidance and support. We'll meet up weekly via zoom to discuss your goals and progress.  Typed session notes will be provided after each call and specific handouts will be sent via email. 

The 4-week plan includes - 

  • Comprehensive Health History

  • Addressing the underlying causes identified for your symptoms 

  • Introduction process to eliminate triggers, pathogens, infections, and imbalances. 

  • Introduction process to address inflammatory foods, lifestyle & mindset and replace with healthier choices.

  • Suggested supplement plan. Note - It's your responsibility to discuss any supplements taken with your doctor.   ​

  • Clinical research with specific resource handouts

  • Typed session notes & my research time

  • Zoom video conference calls, (progress checkins)

  • Email support between sessions during business hours

  •  Recipes and lifestyle tools

  • Access to top grade supplements (additional fee) (Fullscript/Wellevate, top grade discounted) 

  • Access to GI Map testing (additional fee) 


I provide all you need to start regaining your health back! 

If you're ready ...

Apply to work with me: 

Step 1:  Book your consult appointment using my scheduler.

This call is to make sure we're a good fit before you commit. 

 Learn more about the 3 month plan 

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