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Health Review & Strategy Session

You'll be invited into my private client portal and be asked to complete a series of health history forms and a food diary.  After my review we will meet for a 90 minute Zoom session to discuss your health. 


We'll discuss your concerns, review your history and how your symptoms make sense across body systems.  Learn what it would look like moving forward to reach your health goals. 

Fee for my review time and 90 minute Zoom session including typed session notes - $250.00.  

After this session you decide if you're ready to commit to a wellness plan. It typically takes between 4-12 months to address root causes, food and lifestyle modifications. It varies depending on individual needs.  Autoimmune disorders can take up to a year to achieve remission.  Working with a health coach can shorten the duration of your journey.   

If you're ready to schedule your free 20 minute consultation call.


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